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‘More united’ vs. ‘A house divided’: GOP goes all in on Trump while Democrats clash over ideology and tactics Sept. 2019
Governing by grievance, Trump wields official powers against political enemies Aug. 2019
Shutdowns, emergencies and tariffs: Trump’s frenetic immigration approach has become central to his 2020 bid June 2019
‘It’ll happen fast’: Trump creates problems and then rushes in to solve them – March 2019
‘The silence is deafening’: Major brands avoid Trump even as he promotes them from the White House – March 2019
In dissonant State of the Union speech, Trump seeks unity while depicting ruin – Feb. 2019
Leaked calendars show how much Trump’s ad hoc approach differs from his predecessorsFeb. 2019
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Bloomberg News:
Trump’s Speeches Feature Mystery Men the White House Won’t NameAug. 2018 (PDF)
Trump’s Tax Promises Undercut by CEO Plans to Reward Investors  Nov. 2017 (PDF)
Muddled White House Tax Message Clouds Pitch for Trump  Oct. 2017 (PDF)
In Trump’s White House, Everything’s Coming in `Two Weeks’ – June 2017 (PDF)
Obama’s Persuasive Power Put to Test as Clinton Seeks Turnout – Oct. 2016 (PDF)
Obama’s Africa Power Plan Falls Short, Leaving Continent in Dark Sept. 2016 (PDF)
Obama Finds an Ally in Wal-Mart, Whose Stores He Once Shunned – Aug. 2016 (PDF)
Obama’s Economy Left Behind the Voter Coalition Clinton Covets – July 2016 (PDF)
Hunting for Cash, U.S. National Parks Turn to Companies June 2016 (PDF)
Obama Reaches Out to Young Blacks as Recovery Bypasses Them – March 2015 (PDF)
Kevin Bacon Turns 6 Degrees to $70,000 as Schools Pay for Stars – Sept. 2014 (PDF)
St. Louis Family Shows Mistrust of Cops Spans Generations – Aug. 2014 (PDF)
Florida’s Scott Dogged by Recovery of Unemployment Checks – July 2014 (PDF)
Fastest-Growing Metro Area in U.S. Has No Crime or Kids – June 2014 (PDF)
No Disney Fun for Orlando Workers as Poverty Nears 20% – Oct. 2014 (PDF)
Miami’s Poor Live on $11 a Day as Boom Widens Wealth Gap – May 2014 (PDF)
Alabama Avoids Preparing for Rising Seas Menacing Mobile – May 2014 (PDF)
Shutdown Hit Boehner’s Favorite Diner as $24 Billion Lost – Oct. 2013 (PDF)

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Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times:

After big donations to Gov. Scott, insurance company may reap $52M – May 2013
Gun makers feast on Florida tax breaks – January 2013 (PDF)
Think you’ve read the worst about foreclosures? Read this – Oct. 2010 (Backstory here)