Bloomberg News:
In Trump’s White House, Everything’s Coming in `Two Weeks’ (June 2017) (PDF)
Obama’s Persuasive Power Put to Test as Clinton Seeks Turnout – Oct. 2016 (PDF)
Obama’s Africa Power Plan Falls Short, Leaving Continent in Dark Sept. 2016
Obama Finds an Ally in Wal-Mart, Whose Stores He Once Shunned – Aug. 2016
Obama’s Economy Left Behind the Voter Coalition Clinton Covets – July 2016
Hunting for Cash, U.S. National Parks Turn to Companies June 2016
Trump’s Coalition Looks a Lot Like Brexit Voters – June 2016
Five Countries, Five Beleaguered Leaders – March 2016
Putin Goes From G-20 Pariah to Player at Obama Turkey Talk
 – Nov. 2015
Obama to Drop Cuba From List of State Sponsors of Terrorism – April 2015
Obama Reaches Out to Young Blacks as Recovery Bypasses Them – March 2015
Kevin Bacon Turns 6 Degrees to $70,000 as Schools Pay for Stars – Sept. 2014
St. Louis Family Shows Mistrust of Cops Spans Generations – Aug. 2014
Florida’s Scott Dogged by Recovery of Unemployment Checks – July 2014
Fastest-Growing Metro Area in U.S. Has No Crime or Kids – June 2014
No Disney Fun for Orlando Workers as Poverty Nears 20% – Oct. 2014
Miami’s Poor Live on $11 a Day as Boom Widens Wealth Gap – May 2014
Alabama Avoids Preparing for Rising Seas Menacing Mobile – May 2014
Shutdown Hit Boehner’s Favorite Diner as $24 Billion Lost – Oct. 2013

Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times:

After big donations to Gov. Scott, insurance company may reap $52M – May 2013
Gun makers feast on Florida tax breaks – January 2013
Think you’ve read the worst about foreclosures? Read this – Oct. 2010 (Backstory here)